All music show featuring psych, krautrock, free-noise, free-jazz/improv, experimental, and all things weirdo. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Japanese psych, guitar-centric, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 



Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 375 - 2023-11-03 Aired: Friday, November 3, 2023

    Toad - La Marchienne (from s/t LP on La Novia)

    Yann Gourdon - Energistre (from s/t LP on La Novia)

    Bardo Pond - Lb. (from Dilate 2LP on Matador)

    The Dead C - Stations (from Secret Earth LP on Badabing)

    Bill Orcutt and Michael Morley - Electric Guitar Duets Side A (from Electric Guitar Duets LP on Palilalia)

    The Velvet Underground - Run, Run, Run (from I'm Nit A Young Man Anymore 2LP on VUAS)

    Lewsberg - An Ear To The Chest (from Out & About LP on 12XU)

    Will Veeder - Live at WAYO 

  • Numbers - Episode 374 - 2023-11-01 (night) Aired: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
    The Dead C - Driver UFO
    Nod - Live on WAYO 104.3
    La Mont Young and Theatre For Eternal Music - 12 I 64 the first twelve (from s/t LP)
    Milford Graves, Arthur Doyle, Hughe Glover - March 11, 1976 I (from Children of the Forest 2LP on Black Editions Archive)
    Tony Conrad and Faust - The Side of Man and Womankind (from Outside The Dream Syndicate LP reissue on Superior Viaduct)
  • Numbers - Episode 373 - 2023-11-01 (morning) Aired: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
    Naujawanan Baidar - Signal Disintegration
    Dalthan - Aluminum Surfer
    Thurston Moore and John Moloney - Caught On Tape
    Ash Ra Tempel - Traummaschine
    Daniel Bachman - On A Summer Over Yonder
    Monoshock - 19th St. Shuffle
    Bardo Pond - Wayne's Tune


  • Numbers - Episode 372 - 2023-10-27 Aired: Friday, October 27, 2023
    Gate - Needed All The Words
    Masahiko Ohno - Mugwort
    Idyll Swords - The Destination
    Bardo Pond - Cracker Wrist
    Daniel Bachman - Neath The Shadow, Down The Meadow
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit - Hysterism III
    Les Rallizes Denudes - Eternally Now
    Asnakech Worku - Jinyew
    Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffar Khan - Sitar Solo-Raga
    Chris Forsyth - Redux Dub #8
    Haino, Mikami, Motoharu - Bang
  • Numbers - Episode 371 - 2023-10-20 Aired: Friday, October 20, 2023

    Parson Sound - Tio Minuter (from LP boxset on Subliminal Sounds)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - untitled (from the OZ Days Live 1973 split LP with Taj-Mahal Travellers on Alternative Fox)

    Sandoz Lab Technicians - Sleeping Beneath The Clay (from Plastic Carved Out in the Shape of the Music 2CD on Fordamning Arkiv)

    Greymouth - Panel Beater FM (from Another (straight to video) Sunday CD on Another Sunday, Antony Milton label from NZ)

    Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt, Jim O'Rourke - Tonic 19-01-2001 side b (from Tonic 19-01-2001 LP on Black Truffle)

  • Numbers - Episode 370 - 2023-10-13 Aired: Friday, October 13, 2023

    Bardo Pond - Destroying Angel (from Peel Sessions LP on Fire Records)

    Up-Tight - Sweet Sister Part 2 (from Swett Sister LP on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records)

    Masayuki Takyanagi New Direction Unit - Hysterism III (from Hysterism 2LP on Black Editions)

    Tongue Depressor - For Maudie Lankford (from Fiddle Music Vol. V-VIII, 2xCASS self released)

    Antony Milton - A Kind Of Fire (from More Small Songs LP on What Lies Beneath)

    Liam Grant - Ambajemackomas (from split 7" with Spiral Joy Band on Sound-O-Mat)

  • Numbers - Episode 369 - 2023-10-06 Aired: Friday, October 6, 2023
    Lewsberg - Chances
    Unknown - Sonoid Tuma compilation
    75 Dollar Bill - 15 (IRA)
    Zoh Amba, Chris Corsano, Bill Orcutt - The Morning Light Has Flooded My Eyes
    The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (live)
    Perpets - Anchorage
    Art Improvement Art Brigade - We are the rot of empire
    CJA - Heart's Content
    Bardo Pond - Every Man
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit - Mass Hysterism II
    Bitchin' Bajas - Space is the Place
    Blod - Onskans Fro
  • Numbers - Episode 368 - 2023-09-29 Aired: Friday, September 29, 2023
    Blues Ambush - Do it Now
    Emily Robb - Hermits Cave
    Bardo Pond - Amen
    Suishou No Fune - The Wind Is Spring
    Milford Graves and Don Pullen - P.G. I
    Archeus - Sho Su
    Stefan Christensen - F.D. Grave & Son
    Usurabi - King of Bird Cage
    Akira Sakata and Takeo Moriyama - Mitochondria
    Yohsuke Yamashita Trio - Clay
    The Air Music International - The Guitarlist In The Hole
    Fully Glazed - Bone In
    Antony Milton - Super Light
  • Numbers - Episode 367 - 2023-09-22 Aired: Friday, September 22, 2023

    Les Rallizes Denudes - Romance of the BLack Pain Otherwise Fallin' Love With (from Romance of the BLack Pain Otherwise Fallin' Love With LP on Temporal Drift)

    Kenji Haino - Milky Way part 2 (from Milky Way 1973 LP on Black Truffle)

    Bardo Pond - Slip Away (from Batholith LP on Three Lobed)

    Blues Ambush - untitled (from s/t LP on Radical Documents)

    75 Dollar Bill - ... Noguchi Garden In Long Island City (from Power Failures 2LP on Karlrecords)

    Liam Grant - Repaying Old Debts (from Swung Heavy Gitarrr For Fanatics CD on Sound-o-mat)

  • Numbers - Episode 366 - 2023-09-15 Aired: Friday, September 15, 2023

    Bardo Pond - The Rebis part 2 (from Adrop/Circuit VIII 2LP on Three Lobed)

    Arnold Dreyblatt - Flight Path (from Resolve LP on Drag City)

    75 Dollar Bill - Power Failure #2 (from Power Failures 2LP on Karlrecords)

    Dan Melchoir - Melpomene (version) (from Melpomene LP on Idea Records)

    Unknown Artists - untitled (from Folk Music Of The Sahara Among The Tuareg Of Libya DVD on Sublime Frequencies)

    Radio Morocco - Radio Chechaoen (from Radio Morocco CD on Sublime Frequencies)