Ether Transmissions

Theme-based radio show featuring music from various genres: 80s, goth, new wave, punk, classic country, Americana, experimental, oddities, etc . . .

Past Episodes

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 117 – Guest DJ Greg Stroud Aired: Tuesday, April 9, 2024

    Greg Stroud, one of my oldest and dearest friends, is my Special Guest DJ for episode #117. He brought a great playlist and during mic breaks he talks about living in Russia in the mid-nineties, adapting and producing a Chekhov play, and starting the CT Examiner in Old Lyme, CT.

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 116 – Eclipse Aired: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

    Playlist to celebrate the upcoming eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024.

    Postcard: Himmelsscheibe von Nebra (Nebra sky disc) - a bronze disc inlaid with gold symbols of sun, moon, and stars, 1800-1600 BCE

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 115 – Emotions Aired: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

    Emotions and feelings explored through songs. Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy (March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015) an actor best known for playing Mr. Spock, a television character on Star Trek, who lacked emotions.

    Postcard: Miss Maude Fealy from the "Celebrities of the Stage" series

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 114 Aired: Tuesday, March 19, 2024

    Just a bunch of working women who kill it. Musically.

    Postcard: Wonder Woman by Ellen Shub taken in New Words Bookstore, Cambridge, MA, 1976

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 113 – Guest DJ Sabra Wood Aired: Tuesday, March 12, 2024

    My friend and fellow WAYO programmer, Sabra Wood (aka Clifton Wood), joins me for a mash-up episode of Ether Transmissions + Graphic Ear (on WAYO every Thursday from 5:30p - 7p). Lots of talk and some groovy tunes!

    Photo: Sabra outside of the WAYO studios sporting her custom kitty hat knitted by the amazing Alyssa of Fuzzy Details

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 112 Aired: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

    This week's show features a mini theme of Super Heroes and I came across this cool song by The Traits called "Nobody Loves the Hulk".

    Image: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Debra Winger as Wonder Girl/Drusilla

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 111 Aired: Tuesday, February 20, 2024

    Hits and obscurities from the 1930s to the present.

    Postcard: Billie Holiday, New York City, 1949 by Herman Leonard

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 110 – Sugar Town Aired: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

    My Valentine to you is a trip to Sugar Town.

    Postcard: Burning Sugar Cane

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 109 - Chinese Zodiac Aired: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

    Year of the Dragon begins on Saturday, February 10, 2024. In honor of the onset of the Lunar New Year, this playlist celebrates the animals in the Chinese zodiac. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig!

    Postcard: Dragon Plate End Board, Korean

  • Ether Transmissions – Episode 108 Aired: Tuesday, January 30, 2024

    Calling this one "partly cloudy" because it's mostly upbeat songs with a few passing clouds. Trying to lift spirits in our grey days. Birthdays include Gene Hackman, Norma Tanega, Marty Balin, and Phil Collins.

    Postcard: Anonymous c. 1910 from the book L'Amerique au Fil des Jours: Cartes Postales Photographiques, 1900-1920