Numbers programs range from psych, krautrock, noise/drone, experimental, electronic, loud rock, math rock, etc. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Australian rock, guitar-centric, math rock, 90's indie rock, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 


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Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 364 - 2023-01-13 Aired: Friday, January 13, 2023

    Bardo Pond - Tommy Gun Angel (From Lapsed LP on Matador)

    White Heaven - H.L. (from the Strange Bedfellow reissue LP on Black Editions)

    Ame Son - Reborn This Morning On The Way Of... (from Catalyse LP on BYG Actuel / Wah Wah)

    Hiromasa Suzuki - Ame No Iwayado (from Rock Joint Biwa LP on RCA/Cinedelic, orig from 1972)

    Kazuki Tomokawa - World School (from Finally, His First Album LP on Blank Forms, orig from 1975)

  • Numbers - Episode 363 - 2023-01-06 Aired: Friday, January 6, 2023

    Dead Sea Apes - Lunar Mansions
    France - untitled (side 2)
    Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic Joy (excerpt)
    Maajun - Comptine II
    Masayuki Takayanagi and New Directions - The Galactic System
    Michael Snow - Falling Starts
    Michael Snow - Amitabha Chenden Kala
    Michael Snow - Section Rhythmique
    Michael Snow - Left Right
    Kjetil D Brandsdal and Thore Warland – part 1
    Bruce Russell - Sonata Number 19 for Tremelo
    Taste - Passed Out In Petals
    Kasami - Visions
    Tristan Dahn - The Bell Tolls / Bells Toll

  • Numbers - Episode 362 - 2022-12-30 Aired: Friday, December 30, 2022
    Emily Robb - I Really Wanna Know How To Moonwalk (from How To Moonwalk LP on Petty Bunco)
    Bill Nace - Boil First (from Throughh A Room LP on Drag City)
    Blues Ambush - Horse Noises (from s/t cassette on Petty Bunco)
    David Nance - Amethyst (from Pulverized And Slightly Peaced LP on Petty Bunco)
    David Nance - Pearly Gates (from Bomber cover cassette on Western)
  • Numbers - Episode 360 - 2022-12-16 Aired: Friday, December 16, 2022

    Manuel Gottsching - Echo Waves (from Inventions of Electric Guitar on MG-Art)

    Ash Ra Tempel - Flowers Must Die (from Schwingungen LP on MG-Art)

    Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 (side b excerpt) (from E2-E4 LP on MG-Art)

    Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Supermarket (from Galactic Supermarket LP on Victory. members of Ash Ra Tempel, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, etc)

    Arv & Miljo - Vindens Kommando I Furans Starka Gren (from Valnad Av Fornskog LP on Discreet Music)

    Jon Dale - untitled (from Last Blues LP on De La Catessan) 

  • Numbers - Episode 359 - 2022-12-09 Aired: Friday, December 9, 2022

    Bardo Pond - Pumori (from the Paper Leaves LP compilation on Terrascope)

    Center - Over The Stations (from Over The Stations LP on Bruit Direct Disques)

    Quit - 1 (from Living CD on Log Cabin Recordings)

    Heavenly Bodies - Program I (from Measured cassette on Heavily Bodied)

    Bailter Space - Robot World (from Robot World CD on Matador and Flying Nun) 

    Mad Scene - T.Rex (from Blip LP on Siltbreeze)

    Hamish Kilgour - Crazy Radiance (from All Of It And Nothing LP on Badabing)

  • Numbers - Episode 358 - 2022-12-02 Aired: Friday, December 2, 2022

    Metal Rouge - Make It Gold II (from Broke In LP on Emerald Cocoon)

    Cyrus Pireh - Erased and Marginalized Orginal persons of the Electric Guitar (from Visitor LP on Artist Pool)

    Spiral Wave Nomads - Under A Magnetic Sky (from Magnetic Sky on Twim Lakes and Feeding Tube)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - White Awakening (from Oz Days Live 3CD and book on Temporal Drift)

    Mike Gangloff - New River Suite (from Evening Measures LP on VHF)

    Decimus - Decimus 6 (from Decimus 6 LP on Daksina)

    Smegma - I'm Pooped (from The Mad Excitement... LP on Tim/Kerr Records)

  • Numbers - Episode 357 - 2022-11-25 Aired: Friday, November 25, 2022

    Guided By Voices - Damn Good Mr. Jam (from the Scalping The Guru reissue LP compilation on Scat)

    Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Million Dollars (from Admonishing The Bishops EP reissue on Bulbous Monocle)

    Jessamine - Periwinkle (from The Long Arms of Coincidence CD on Kranky)

    Carlton Melton - Slow Growth (from split with Bardo Pond on Agitated Records)

    Cara and Mike Gangloff with The Great American Drone Orchestra - Misty (from Knock On Life's Door 2LP on Mie)

    Kjetil D Brandsdal - Beveren (from Freedom - Waaohwaaoh CD on Corpus Hermeticum)

  • Numbers - Episode 356 - 2022-11-18 Aired: Friday, November 18, 2022

    Carlton Melton - Microwavelengths (title track from LP on Broken Clover Records)

    Bill Nace - Boil First (from Through A Room LP on Drag City)

    Mike Gangloff - The Colors of Her Hair (from Evening Measures LP on VHF)

    Rachel Shearer - Vibrant 1 (from 7" lathe cut on Independent Woman Records from NZ)

    Taming Power - untitled (from 7" lathe cut on Independent Woman Records from NZ)

    Tashi Dorji and Bill Orcutt - For Bill Who Will Be 100 In The Year 2062 (title track from cassette on Palilalia)

  • Numbers - Episode 355 - 2022-11-11 Aired: Saturday, November 12, 2022

    Bardo Pond - Every Man (from On The Ellipse 2LP reissue on Fire)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - Vertigo Otherwse My Conviction (from The Oz Tapes 2LP on Temporal Drift)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - A Shadow On Our Joy (from Oz Days LIve 3CD and book on Temporal Drift)

    Jacks - Bara-Manji (from Vacant World LP on Life Goes On)

    Mahogany Brain - Cathedral Skirts (from Smooth Sick Lights LP on Zaius Tapes)

    The Dead C - Mansions (from Secret Earth LP on Badabing)

    Dwarfs Of East Agouza - Organism 46-B (from 7" on Unrock)

  • Numbers - Episode 354 - 2022-11-04 Aired: Friday, November 4, 2022

    Gate - Gallons (from Fear of Music 2LP on Fabrica)

    "A" Trio - The Binding Third (part one) (from The Binding Third LP on Unrock)

    Sir Richard Bishop - Magrebh  Blues (from the 7" on Unrock)

    Melodjer Och Faglar - Efterklanger (from Sagor & Swing LP on Coop Records)

    Fushitsusha - A Seldom Seen Means Of Displacing Humiliation A Trembling Time Surely Glimpsed Far Ahead (from the Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself 3CD on Utech) 

    Bill Orcutt - Cracked Music (from Cracked Music LP self-released)