Numbers programs range from psych, krautrock, noise/drone, experimental, electronic, loud rock, math rock, etc. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Australian rock, guitar-centric, math rock, 90's indie rock, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 


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Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 352 - 2022-10-31 Aired: Monday, October 31, 2022

    Polvo - Channel Changer (from Cor-Crane Secret LP on Merge)

    Pavement - Summer Babe (from The Secret History 2LP on Matador)

    Sonic Youth - Hey Joni (from Daydream Nation 2LP on Goofin')

    Mudhoney - Mudride (from Superfuzz Bigmuff LP on Sub Pop)

    The Jesus Lizard - Mouth Breather (from Goat LP on Touch and Go)

    Blues Ambush - Horse Noises (from s/t cassette on Petty Bunco)

    Slug - Ex-Chest (from The Out Sound LP on PCP)

    Spiral Wave Nomads - Lurking Madness (from Magnetic Sky LP on Twin Lakes and Feeding Tube)


  • Numbers - Episode 351 - 2022-10-28 Aired: Friday, October 28, 2022

    Pelt - Dreaming Philadelphia (from Heraldic Beasts 2LP on Eclipse)

    Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Shitless (from Headdress reissue on Three Lobed)

    Bardo Pond - Moment To Moment (from Under The Pines LP on Fire)

    Ash Ra Tempel - Freak'N'Roll (from Join Inn LP reissue on MG.ART)

    John Cale - Stainless Steel Gamelan (from Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol III CD on Table of the Elements)

    Spiral Wave Nomads - Carrier Signals (from Magnetic Sky LP on Twin Lakes and Feeding Tube)

    Liam Grant - live on WAYO 104.3

  • Numbers - Episode 350 - 2022-10-21 Aired: Friday, October 21, 2022

    Trad Gras och Stenar    -    Lat oss tanka ett par dagar
    Rhys Chatham    -    Three Aspects of the Name
    Arnold Dreyblatt    -    Point Source/Lapse
    Storks    -    Full Plate Blues
    Neutral    -    Ater
    The Dead C    -    The AMM of Punk Rock
    The Velvet Underground    -    Ocean
    Jason Bill and Jack Rose    -    You are not one of my people
    Rangda    -    Night Porter
    Blues Ambush    -    Ride the Wave
    No-Neck Blues Band    -    Transferring the Frog
    Sam Esh - Sante Fe

  • Numbers - Episode 349 - 2022-10-14 Aired: Friday, October 14, 2022
    Bardo Pond - Maggot Brain
    Konstruct and Peter Brotzmann - Siyah
    Musica Transonic - Kozomo
    Masayuki Takayanagi & Kaoru Abe - duo
    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Silen Voy Kathy
    Emily Robb - (Here Come The) Arrows of Fortune
    Omit - The Rut
    Lou Reed and John Cale - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
    Metal Rouge - Broke In
    Amon Duul - Snow Your Thurst Sun Your Open Mouth
    Jon Collin - The Stream of the Conscienceness
    Omit - Recess
  • Numbers - Episode 348 - 2022-10-07 Aired: Friday, October 7, 2022
    Bardo Pond - Circuit VIII part 1
    Flower-Corsano Duo - The Ship That Saild on Dry Land
    Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram Monastery
    Can - Graublau
    Les Rallizes Denudes - The Night Collectors
    Kot Kot - Tuchi
    Lewsberg - Terrible
    The Renderers - Dream of the Sea
    David Nance - The Merchandise
    Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela - Day of Niagara (1965)
    Konstruct and Peter Brotzmann - Dolunay
    Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble - Diagnosis For Percussion
  • Numbers - Episode 347 - 2022-10-05 Aired: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

    Parson Sound - From Tunis to India in Full Moon (from Parson Sound 3LP boxet on Subliminal Sounds)

    Can - Mushroom (from Tago Mago LP on Spoon)

    Cluster - Isodea (from Grossses Wasser LP on Sky / Bureau B)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - Fantastique Fantastique (from Cable Hogue Soundtrack)

    Angus MacLise - Tunnel Music #1 (from The Cloud Doctrine 2CD on Sub Rosa)

    Masayuki Takayanagi and Kaoru Abe - Gradually Projection (from Gradually Projection CD on DIW

    John Coltrane - Amen (from Sunship LP on Impulse!)

  • Numbers - Episode 346 - 2022-09-30 Aired: Friday, September 30, 2022

    Peter Brotzmann / Keiji Haino duo - Sunday August 28, 2018 (from the 3LP boxset on Black Editions)

    Mordecai - Light (from s/t LP on Killertree)

    John Cale - Dream Interpretation (from Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol II CD on Table of the Elements)

    Elkhorn - 1919 (from Distances LP on Feeding Tube)

    Mission of Burma - Tremelo (from The Horrible Truth About Burma 2LP on Matador)

    C.A.G. - Rock Mot Konservativ Vardegrund (from Mer Rock Mot Svinen / More Rock Against the Pig CDR on Forfall)

  • Numbers - Episode 345 - 2022-09-23 Aired: Friday, September 23, 2022

    Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni - Alam
    Master Musicians of Jajouka - Jewash
    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Ame Debout
    Trad Gras och Stenar - Tegenborgsvalsen
    Bardo Pond - FCII
    Dire Wolves - On A Clear Drop You Can See Forever
    The Dead C - Stations
    Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w/ Pharoah Sanders - Hamdouchi
    Don Cherry - Chenrezig
    GamelanGong Suling - Palawakia
    Codona - Race Face
    Sun Ra - Space Shuttle
    Jr Bohannon / Ben Greenberg / Ryley Walker - For Michael Ripps
    Les Rallizes Denudes - Wilderness Of False Flowers

  • Numbers - Episode 344 - 2022-09-16 Aired: Friday, September 16, 2022

    Les Rallizes Denudes - Wilderness of False Flowers (from s/t 12" on Temporal Drift)

    Tomoyuki Aoki, Harutaka Mochizuki – A Double That Does Not Intersect (from s/t LP on Nashazphone)

    Gong Gong Gong - Sound of Love (from Phantom Rhythm LP on Wharf Cat)

    Bill Orcutt - Only At Dusk (from Music For Four Guitars LP on Palalalia)

    Rob Noyes - Vout (from Arc Minutes LP on VDSQ)

    The Come Apart - untitled (from untitled cassette - self released. aka Dave Rice from Albany NY)

  • Numbers - Episode 343 - 2022-09-09 Aired: Friday, September 9, 2022

    More Klementines - Hot Peace (from Who Remembers Light LP on Feeding Tube and Twin Lakes)

    Bill Orcutt - At a distance (from Music From Four Guitars LP on Palalalia)

    The Jonny Halifax Invocation - Invocation of the Beasts (from Acid Bluus Raags Vol 1 LP on Green Noise and God Unknown)

    Jon Collin - Nothing III (from Water and Rock Music Vol 5-6 LP on Feeding Tube)

    Thurston Moore and John Moloney - untitled (from Caught on Tape LP on Feeding Tube and Manhand)