FFRW 27 New Year Sun

Most of our lives we await your embrace and to know what it's like when we meet face to face Yeah, but nobody searches Nobody cares somehow When the loving that you've wasted Comes raining from a hapless cloud Come a little closer honey, I won't bite ya. One more lager and I might learn to like ya. You whisper secrets in my ear Slowly dancing cheek to cheek Such a sweet thing when you open up, baby She's taken everything I liked She's taken every lover oh And all along she gave me lies Just to make me think I loved her So do, I warn you I see things when I hold you But I've whispered: "it's alright" It is you and me and a long night I told you so It has to be Cut loose and runaway with me We'll go out every night I'll be there by your side And we'll all get high down the old west side 'Scuse me I apologize He likes your attitude He tries it on for size He spends the afternoon Between your thighs How's that for gratitude? She stole the keys to my house And then she locked herself out Would you like to come in now? Would you like to come inside? When our love is gone, we will be calm We will be calm When the feelings come, we will fight them off Sweet berries ready for two Ghosts are no different than you Ghosts are now waiting for you Are you? Don't have no thing for money Got no jones for gold All I got today is some sweet nothing Nothing to take away Who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream They're putting us in little boxes, No character just uniformity, They're trying to build a computerized community, But they'll never make a zombie out of me.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020