Episode 321: How the Radio Sausage Gets Made

HZ here! In today's exciting episode, we're banging out of the gates with the unplanned topic of how Rochester has made the national news after a local meteorologist clearly and blatantly uttered a racial slur on live TV! For more on this, here's a link to Chris Thompson's blog post I mentioned: https://540westmain.org/2019/01/09/more-than-one-cockroach-guest-blog-by.... This springboards us into a tax discussion followed by more on PC Culture. Truly, I cannot wait for the people who tell me they can't say anything anymore to tell me what it is they'd like to say. After the break, we've some some food and not nearly enough on cheese. The takeaway: alcohol is health food.

Because there's nothing like a grown woman still crying over the death of a pop star, today's middle break is Dollar Days from David Bowie's Blackstar. Yes, I did cry while listening to it and I will again.  


Wednesday, January 9, 2019