FFRW 28 January 2004

It's a beautiful world we live in  A sweet romantic place
Baby is grateful for her life  She owes the angels for their lullaby
Let the moon drip in Let the rain fall out
Where's the justice and where's the sense?
When all the pain is on my side of the fence
Shaded eyes they are the ones who'll lead you to your deliverance
From the figure of doom Force you to understand
Lock you in a room with a holy roller and a one man band
What kind of woman would make her fortress out of straw
Filled with fancy decorations and a matching open bar?
A woman with a feeling Of losing once or twice
Who knows how it could be tomorrow
My goodness just left to make room for you
Ilumina ese amor Antes que se vaya Algo siempre te entristece
Cuando todo va bien ¿Qué pasa contigo?
I love a man who's afraid of me 
He believes if he doesn't stand guard with a knife 
I'll make him my slave for the rest of his life
You left a love stain on my heart and you left a bloodstain on the ground
But blood comes off easily
He gave her flowers, pearls, baby powder, chocolate whirls,
medallions, a stallion, a galleon, and a dove.
We're not all blood-sucking leeches. For we all have families too.
But that don't mean that we really love them- Or that we don't.
Me and my boy Sammy we're hanging in the park 
There's plants and birds and rocks and things we best be home by dark 



Wednesday, January 15, 2020