FFRW81 For the Inauguration

One day I'll be someone different  I'll do things I've never done before
I won't care what others say  I won't care if it works out
I'll travel, I'll dance, dance, dance, I want to dance
I'll live in the country and in the morning I'll wake up
To organize. It will be a chore. I'll like it. When will it be?
I watched the inauguration  Alone and with the television
Why you call and say You'll call me back I'll disconnect the line
You’ll pay in slow instalments til the shirt's stripped from your back.
And you, the great free thinker, will be well and truly trapped.
Don't fuck this up. This a paid gig   Brighter than a bunion 
Paler than a peach Darker than a dungeon A ripe sardine
Mm you have a mountain of gold doesn't make you any better
Listen what your momma told ya Ya don't know nothing
True love will find you in the end You will find out just who was your friend
I'll be your hammer I'll be your nail I'll be the house that allows you to fail
Curtain closed System froze Wait for me Braver be  Dragged old man 
Kissed and ran Licked away Osprey tan Living in America
Well, there's fire down below my lad so we must do what we oughta
'Cause the fire is not half as hot as the parson's little daughter
Ballet of Apes Brute! And you feel Feel so fine Walk on, walk on
King's voice trips and falters and you feel good and feel so fine 
walking uphill  Oh Say Can You See not even propaganda but garbage
about people drinking baby's blood and such utter nonsense 
but people believed it I've been waiting on an invitation I've been waving 
like a teenager I've been playing like it's already over Come on doom, let's party
You had the chance to go and live again  but you had to go and put on
yeah another mask again and say that it never really mattered
I longed to be a disciple of the cockroach I was hopelessly choking 
on the roach of fallacy Thankfully when the mirage finally melted
The impurity Of the cockroach was revealed to me
Jet Boys fly And ya know he's gone I said he been gone, Gone, gone gone
Juana Molina - Un día punk 
Hospitality - Inauguration 05:47
The Legendary Pink Dots - Junkyard 07:54
Man Man - Goat 12:03
mr. Gnome - The Moon 16:10
Idles - Danke 19:04
FONTAINES D.C. - Living In America 22:37
Nick Cave - Fire Down Below 27:32
Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network- Ballet Of Apes 31:21
Alison Mosshart - Interlude / Oh Say Can You See 38:10
Caroline Myss - A Chaotic and Transformational Week (excerpt) 38:39
Emily Wells - Come on Doom, Let's Party 43:03
Jan The Actress - On The Level 48:19
HAKEN - Cockroach King (Single Version) 51:00
New York Dolls - Jet Boy 56:50
Wednesday, January 20, 2021