The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 1/31/2018

today's ep of The One Good Dog Radio Hour is RIGHT HERE, BABY. had very good fun this week. Maneka rules, discovered Cross Country and played *two* of their songs, WOW.
some people got in touch w/ me and told me that last week's episode "wasn't available in their country" - i think that was a Mixcloud glitch, and i think i fixed it, so GO LISTEN (if you want), because it was one of the better shows.
thanks <3.
Paul McCartney - Jet
Glyders - Every Boy & Girl
Milk Music - No, Nothing, My Shelter
Washer - Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine
Maneka (feat. Katie Capri) - Dracula
Melkbelly - Cawthra
Cross Country - Grass Stains
Cross Country - Beams
Forth Wanderers - Slop
Dehd - Love Song
Jay Som - Pirouette
Pile - Dogs
Wednesday, January 31, 2018