Episode 325: 7000 Hot Listeners

Well well well, we're on the road to fame and fortune, finally!, on today's all new Sound of Tomorrow! After reveling in the great news about our big break. we're talking about.... a whole load of nonsense, to be honest. We brought topics, really, we did! But Ross talks about going to the doctor for a while and Heather may or may not have had xrays when she was a kid and oh dear. We try to bring it back with a tirade about how everyone can just stop telling women to smile but, really, it's time to hear TMBG with "The Cap'm." The second half goes just completely off the rails as we launch our new segment "Pancake Fail." Maybe we redeem ourselves with some  vaccine news realness at the end? But I doubt it. Thanks to all you hot listeners out there!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019