Episode 456: VDay DJHZ 2022

What? A new DJ mix? After, like, a full entire year+ of reruns? That's right. I'm pulling out all the stops. Never feel like I don't love you. xoxo--DJHZ

  1. Sound of Tomorrow Theme Song    The Squires of the Subterrain
  2. Absolutely Cuckoo   The Magnetic Fields
  3. You Feel You Must Go, Don’t Go!  Of Montreal
  4. Because You're Young   David Bowie
  5. Sometimes A Lonely Way    They Might be Giants
  6. Where Do You Think You're Going    KooKoo Boy
  7. Part of the Problem   R. Stevie Moore
  8. Unlovable    The Smiths
  9. Trepidation Part 2    The Ruby Suns
  10. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk   The Pet Shop Boys
  11. Up The Junction   Squeeze
  12. Please Do Not Go   The Violent Femmes
  13. Never Go Back    Camper Van Beethoven
  14. The Strangeness in Me   The Cramps
  15. Naive Melody  Talking Heads
  16. Today With Your Wife    Jonathan Coulton
  17. SoT Outro — Squires
  18. You Slay Me   Martin Newell
Wednesday, February 16, 2022