Decades and Maybe I'm Wrong - 2019-02-19

John Zorn    -    #1
BABO    -    #1
Duke Ellington    -    Jeep's Blues
Ornette Colman    -    Doughnut
Tim Hodgkinson/ Dagmar Krause    -    Hold to the Zero Burn, Imagine
Miles Davis Quintet    -    Stella By Starlight
Ian Downey Is Famous    -    Kick Out Your Soul
Eric Dolphy    -    The Prophet
Polly Bradford et. al.    -    Second Environment for Sextet
Maybe I'm Wrong    -    WAYO-LP Rochester
Clan of the Cave Bear    -    Secrets of the Universe
Double Dagger    -    No Allies
FIsticuffs Bluff    -    The Demon Summoner
Camberwell Now    -    Cutty Sark
Daughters    -    Satan in the Wait
No Balls    -    Staring
Bob Log    -    String on a Stick
Husker Du    -    All Tensed Up
Life Without Buildings    -    The Leanover
The Doors    -    Not to the Earth
Men's Recovery Project    -    At the Mercy of the Hominids

Tuesday, February 19, 2019