FFRW 34 Zebra Spots Side B

So, come all ye rolling minstrels and together we will try
To rouse the spirit of the earth and move the rolling sky
Yeah, you gotta be strong There's no other way to fund it
All the plantings are young and able And I hope you find a way to buy it
Oh god, I'm high    Waterfalls of light
Flood my eyes with light Flood my eyes with my aching eyesight
The things I do You'd never try What I get free You have to buy
I'm proud of my life But don't ask me why 'Cause if i told ya, I'd probably...
You know the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush
This fruit was bruised, dropped off and blue
Out of season, happy I'm bleeding   Long overdue
Schools go on about "Black 47" On and on about "The terrible "famine""
But what they don't say is in truth There really never was one
My Pussy Queen, knows all my secrets, I'll never fall in love again.
I drift with Dunes, I whisper of the tombs, They offer me Egyptian Delights.
There goes a troubled woman She dreams a troubled dream
She lives out on the highway She keeps her money clean
Soon she'll be returning to the place where she's the queen
Swing little girl, swing high and don't ever look to the ground
If you're looking for rainbows look up to the sky and never, oh never, look down 
Alone, with too much generosity. A theater mask of hostility attracts
Assaults occur, infrequently and those who come, to conquer
Now I gotta move that tells me what to do
Sometimes I feel so nice, I want to try myself with you
She's the most beautiful, as in the stories, Chosen by a boy, he loves her,
But the curse is casted upon their love, When the night falls, he will be no more.
Not a model man Not a savior or a saint Imperfect in a word Make no mistake
But I Give you everything I have Take me as I am...

Thursday, February 27, 2020