Numbers - Episode 338 - 2023-03-03

Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt, Jim O'Rourke - Tonic 19-01-2001 part 1 (from Tonic 19-01-2001 LP on Black Truffle)

Enhet For Fri Musik - Det Ordnar Sig Ska Du Se (from Inom Dig Inom Mig LP on Aguirre)

Blod - Jesus Var Son, Uppstanden Ar (from Dar Ska Barnet Vara LP on Discreet)

Elkhorn - North (from On The Whole Universe In All Directions LP)

Ryley Walker and Jeff Tobias - Cigarette Lake (from It'll Sound Different Once We Get Some Bodies In The Room cassette on Husky Pants)

Jackie-O-Motherf*cker - She Cuts Heart Shapes (from Manual Of The Bayonet LP on Feeding Tube)

Crescent - Unity (from Collected Songs CD on Room Tone)

Mike Gangloff - Moon Home / Yew Piney Mountain (from split 7" with Liam Grant on Sound-o-mat)

NNCK - I Played It For You... (from Niente Piu Canzoni LP on Daksina)

My Dad Is Dead - Anti-Socialist 2 (from Pow! EP on Scat)

Chris Brokaw - Go Foragers (from Live at the Decommissioned Power Station In Florli Norway cassette on 12XU)

Spiral Joy Band - side 2 (from In The River LP on Feeding Tube)

Friday, March 3, 2023