This Land is Your Land (sub) March 10, 2019

This Land is Your Land (sub) - covering Shannon Rose's American music show, music from the region of the world known to indigenous tribes as "Turtle Island".

Winnebago Singers - War Dance Song
Walter Kronkite - Man on the Moon
Neil Young - Campaigner
Jim Pepper - Senecas (As Long As the Grass Shall Grow)
Curtis Eller's American Circus - The Heart That Forgave Richard Nixon
Jim Pepper - Slow War Dance
Johnny Adams - Reconsider Me
Cheech and Chong - Wink Dinkerson
Jonathan Richman - Reno
Curtis Eller's American Circus - Busby Berkeley Funeral
Steve Martin - What I Believe
Patti Smith - Are You Experienced?
Koko Taylor - Tell Me The Truth
Jimi Hendrix - Good Times















Sunday, March 10, 2019