Decades and Maybe I'm Wrong - 2020-03-31

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme Libre
Ornette Coleman - Focus on Sanity
Eric Dolphy and Booker Little - Mrs. Parker of K.C. (Bird's Mother)
Fire with Oren Ambarchi - "A Man Who Might Have Been Screaming"
Alfred Schnittke - Prelude in Memoriam Dmitri Schostakovich
Sonic Youth - Pendulum
Vladimir Ussachevsky - Wireless Fantasy
Alice Coltrane - "Atomic Peace"
Keiji Haino - "Tenshi No Gijnka"
FU - [untitled]
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - "The Touch and the Darkness"
Calabi Yao - Charles DeWow
Na'assene - Ophite
Dan Deacon - Run for your Life
Cromagnon - Caledonia
Polvo - When Will You Die for the Last Time in My Dreams
Ian Downey - cello improv
Ian Downey - Big Flat Rock


Tuesday, March 31, 2020