Cats With Guns Riding Broncos

Another episodic tremor through the electromagnetic wave. Here you will find music at times experimental, melodic, frenetic, and loaded with boogie. Music from the world over from artists such as, Nicola Cruz, Mall Grab, Black Beats, Modeselektor, Lloyd Robinson, Waq Waq Kingdom, and more. Tracklist below;
Aby Ngana Diop - Dieuleul Dieuleul 02:59
Chicago Travelers - Been Trying 04:38
Anthony Fade - No Smoke 07:23
Mall Grab - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 12:16
Nicola Cruz - Danza De Vision 18:33
K.M.D. - Peachfuzz (Instrumental) 23:40
Waq Waq Kingdom - Mom Tells Me (live) 27:13
Black Beats - The Mod Trade 32:06
Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss 35:35
King Tubby - Cuss Cuss Dub 38:20
Disrupt - Tubby Rom Module 41:59
Placebo - Balek 46:08
Brother Samuel Cheatam - Troubles Of The World 50:38
Modeselektor - Fake Emotion 57:59

Saturday, April 13, 2019