Ridiculous Radio May 9, 2018 9-10 Part 1

Cadillac Mark and a version of psychological terror that includes songs. 


Firesign Theatre-Back From The Shadows-01:00
Iggy Pop-Knockin' 'Em Down in the City-02:24
The Who-Join Together-07:45
The Who-Long Live Rock-12:48
Led Zeppelin-Rock and Roll-15:37
Queen-Modern Times Rock N' Roll-19:30
Queen-Stone Cold Crazy-21:10
Slade -Mama We're All Crazee Now-23:27
T. Rex-Metal Guru-27:18
The Beatles-The Word-35:14
The Beatles-All You Need is Love-37:43
Love-She Comes in Colors-41:20
Rolling Stones-She's A Rainbow-48:41 
Jefferson Airplane-Somebody to Love-51:29
Spike Jones-Melodies of Love-54:32
John Coltrane-A Love Supreme-56:13

Wednesday, May 9, 2018