5/11/2016 - Guest composer and Eastman faculty member David Liptak

Hosts: Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Aristéa Mellos, Alex Stephenson

This week, special guest composer and Eastman faculty member David Liptak! Please join us for a lively discussion and celebration of his wonderful and vibrant music.

For more of Prof. Liptak's work, visit his website: http://dliptak.com/home.html


Concerto for Viola and Percussion
Mvt. 1: August Snow (@ 9:24)
Mvt. 2: Moving Perpetually (@ 13:12)
Performers: John Graham, viola, and the McCormick Percussion Group, conducted by Robert McCormick

Broken Cries for eight cellos (@ 22:33)
Performers: Tarab Cello Ensemble

Under the Resurrection Palm, for baritone and violin
Mvt. 2: Canary (@ 38:33)
Mvt. 4: In the Museum (@ 41:20)
Performers: William Sharp, baritone, and Catherine Tait, violin

Dove Songs, for soprano and piano
Mvt. 4: Beauty and the Beast (@ 45:26)
Mvt. 5: Catherine of Siena (@ 48:20)
Performers: Tony Arnold, soprano, and Alison d’Amato, piano

Wednesday, May 11, 2016