Decades (absent) and Maybe I'm Wrong - 2019-06-25

Body San    -    Metro Overhead
Body San    -    Metro Overhead
Sufyvn    -    Hambata
Tanlines    -    Bad Situations
Blue Cheer    -    Summertime Blues
25 Suaves    -    Phoney Eye
The Rapture    -    Out of the Races and onto the Tracks
Art Bears    -    The Song of Investment Capital Overseas/TRUTH
Harvey Milk    -    I Did Not Call Out
Leonard Cohen    -    The Old Revolution
Leonard Cohen    -    There Is a War
Leonard Cohen    -    You Know Who I Am
Leonard Cohen    -    Show Me The Place
Leonard Cohen    -    Because of
Leonard Cohen    -    Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
Leonard Cohen    -    In My Secret Life
Lovely MIdget    - untitled
Marianne Amacher    -    Sound Characters Part 1
KBD    -    Resurfacing
Robert Ashley    -    Improvement
Miranda July    -    Medical Wonder
Iron Maiden    -    Sea of Madness
John Lee Hooker    -    Real Gone Gal
Pavement    -    Grounded
Maybe I'm Wrong    -    WAYO-LP Rochester
Louis Jordan    -    Beans and Cornbread
Roger Houston    -    Bubblegum-Goth
Papa M    -    Beloved Woman
million dollar quartet    -    Just a Little Talk with Jesus
The Fall    -    How I Wrote "Elastic Man
Femi Kuti    -    One Day Someday
the Kinks    -    Shangri-La
Devo    -    Can You Take It
The Kills    -    Superstition
Spike Jones    -    William Tell Overture

Tuesday, June 25, 2019