Interview with Steve Tills, Editor of theenk books

Steve Tills joins me to discuss theenk books and their latest release, the anthology women: poetry: migration.


About Steve Tills:

Steve Tills lives in Palmyra, New York, with his wife Sandra and their golden retriever Maxwell Sixberry. He plays golf regularly (albeit, in western New York, "seasonally"). He plays particularly at Winged Pheasant Golf Course, five miles from his home, frequently with his father, his brother, his nephew, his brother-in-law, and others he's known since he first swung a club there when he was eleven, forty years ago. RUGH STUFF is Steve's first book of poetry written in a foreign language, the jargon of golf. It is, as others have often said about Esalen founder Michael Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom, "about neither Golf nor Metaphysics, really." It doesn't aspire to be "about Poetry," either, regardless that that is a subject matter much foregrounded and most fashionable in many avant po books and a lot of Steve's own most tedious poming over the years.


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Thursday, July 26, 2018