8/10/2016 - Lee Hyla

Hosts: Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Nick Morandi

This week, works by American composer Lee Hyla (1952-2014), who blends strong rock and jazz influences with angular modernism to create a highly unique language.


Pre-Pulse Suspended, for chamber orchestra (@ 5:37)
Performers: Speculum Musicae, conducted by Donald Palma

Amnesia Breaks, for wind quintet (@ 20:16)
Performers: Quintet of the Americas

We Speak Etruscan, for bass clarinet and baritone saxophone (@ 32:32)
Performers: Tim Smith, bass clarinet, and Tim Berne, baritone saxophone

Trans, for large chamber orchestra (@ 42:07)
Performers: Boston Modern Orchestra Project, conducted by Gil Rose

Wednesday, August 10, 2016