The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 10/31/2018

hi y'all! a little late on posting this week's episode of The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour because PIPER JOINED ME AND WE WENT OUT FOR BREAKFAST AFTERWARDS BECAUSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! she did such a good job and the show was way better because she was there. i love her very much. here's the show! DONATE TO WAYO, THE FUNDRAISER ENDS TOMORROW.

Leslie Gore - It's My Party
Teenage Cool Kids - Landlocked State
Little Joy - The Next Time Around
Caroline Says - Cool Jerk
Renata Zeiguer - Wayside
Sidney Gish - Sophisticated Space
Empath - The Eye
The Teeth - Ball of the Dead Rat
Illuminati Hotties - (You're Better) Than Ever
Pile - Rope's Length
LVL UP - Total Loss
LVL UP - Annie's A Witch
Ovlov - Where's My Dini?
Ovlov - There’s My Dini!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018