Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right: Poetry in a Digital World

Sandy Baldwin stopped by the studio to talk about his work in digital poetry and e-literature. We talk about video games and poetry, performing poetry for gamers in Counterstrike and Lord of the Rings Online, his work with the ELO and more. It's a fascinating look at this exciting area of poetry.

About Sandy Baldwin:

Sandy Baldwin is Associate Professor of English at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is coordinator of the ELO’s CELL search engine and interoperability project; editor of the Computing Literature book series; and one of the executive Editors of electronic book review (ebr). He is the author of the monograph _The Internet Unconscious_; author of several books of codework poetry; and editor or co-editor of more than eight books. His creative work includes interventions and performances in video games and virtual environments.

Thursday, November 17, 2016