Friday Night Dance Party - November 25, 2016

FNDP 11/25/16

1.Bucket O Grease - Les McCann
2.I Love To Rock'n'Roll - Eddie Bo
3.Handclappin' - Gino w/ Johnny Greek
4.I Wouldn't Mind Dying - Dorothy Love Coates
5.Turkey Bakin' Woman - Doctor Ross
6.Bump Miss Susie - Big Joe Turner
7.Turkey Walk - Barry Jones
8.Around The Town - Gino Washington
9.I'm Gonna' Leave You - Bobby Powell
10.So Mystifyin' - The Olympics
11.Swingin' Street - Dion
12.Bar B Q Sauce - Mickey Baker
13.My Pigeons Gone - Charles Calhoun
14.I Love You Just The Same - Winfield Parker
15.My Pillow - Roger Miller
16.Big Basile - Merton Thibodeaux
17.Magic - Duke Reid's All Stars
18.Jo-Ann - Bo Diddley
19.Camera - Jimmy Beaumont
20.Standing Ovation - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
21.I Can't Hide It - Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
22.Pickin' Up Sticks - Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron
23.Shimmy Shake - The Hentchmen
24.Beautiful - The Equals
25.Check Your Bucket - Eddie Bo
26.Jerk Pork - Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats
27.Rocky Mountain Roundabout - The Mohawks
28.Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall - Justin Tubb
29.I Fall To Pieces - Michael Nesmith & The First National Band
30.Train Leaves Here This Morning - Dillard & Clark
31.You're Still On My Mind - George Jones
32.Enjoy Yourself - The Five Du-Tones
33.Ific - King Curtis
34.Bossa Nove & Grits - Little Joe Washington
35.Mabrat (Passin' Thru) - Mystic Revelation of Rastafari
36.Some Got It Some Don't - Senor Soul
37.I Think I Love You - Woody Carr & The Entertainers
38.Man Of The Town - Jay Jordan
39.I Rise I Fall - Rick Nelson
40.Hide & Seek - Stylers
41.My Lovers Vow - Chuck McLean
42.Beautiful Weekend - Googie Rene
Friday, November 25, 2016