The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 12/5/2018

HELLOOO! nice show for a chilly morning. today i described a dream i had in which someone i despise and someone i adore teamed up and stole my fckn car, it was wild. tune in to The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour LIVE every wednesday AM at 7 sharp!

The Berries - Salvation
Caroline Says - Streetlights
Gabby's World - Body
Hikes - Onset
Steady Holiday - Nobody's Watching
Naked Days - Bird's Brain
ARTHUR - I'm Too Good
Shmu - Pictionary
Big Bite - Relentless Healing
Blue Smiley - flip
And The Kids - Cheer for Babies
Spud Cannon - A Screw Fell from His Head
Trick Mammoth - Pinker Sea
RAYS - Fallen Stars

Wednesday, December 5, 2018