Finding Poems Everywhere: An Interview with Foundlings Magazine

Managing Editor Aidan Ryan and Art Director Darren Canham came by the studio to chat about the new Foundlings magazine ( We discuss the start of the journal, the evolution of the style and voice, the collaborations, and the future of the new journal.

About Darren Canham:

Darren Canham is a farm-raised designer living in North Buffalo with his dog, Wally. He enjoys backpacking, woodworking, and analog photography.

About Aidan Ryan:

A North Buffalo native and American handball novitiate, Aidan's nonfiction and journalism has appeared in CNN, The Buffalo News, The Skinny, The White Review, and most recently Traffic East. He has also published poetry in Slipstream and Ghost City Review. He will release his first collection of poetry, Organizing Isolation: Half-Lives of Love at Long Distance, in 2017 -- check for updates.

Thursday, December 21, 2017