Numbers - Episode 308 - 2021-12-31

Pelt - Diglossia (from Reticence/Resistance LP on Three Lobed)

Six Organs of Admittance - Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn (from The Veiled Sea LP on Three Lobed)

Sunburned Hand of the Man - Black Lights (from Pick a Day to Die LP on Three Lobed)

Body/Dilloway/Head - Goin Down (from s/t LP on Three Lobed)

Rambutan - System 23 (from Parallel Systems 2CD on Tape Drift)

Spiral Wave Nomads - First Encounters (titled track from LP on Feeding Tube and Twin Lakes)

Monocot - Ruby Throated (from Diretion We Know LP on Feeding Tube)

Bardo Pond - Limerick (from Amanita 2LP reissue on Matador)

Vapour Theories - Big Ship (Brian Eno cover from Celestial Scuzz LP on Fire Records)

Michael Morley - 3xstrlptrcks50 (from Electric Guitar cassette on Radical Documents)

Blod - Missvaxt (from Missvaxt LP on Grapefruit)

Facit - My Love For You is a Whale (from Beach Music LP on Discreet Music)

Neutral - Du (from Live Pa Autodidaktik LP on Happiest Place, reissue of very small run cassette release from 2017)

Blue Chemise - Gout Wort (from Flower Studies LP on B.A.A.D.M.) 

Blod - Skam vol 2 (from CD on Forfall)

David Grubbs and Ryley Walker - The Madman from Massachusetts in an Empty Bar (from A Tap on the Shoulder LP on Husky Pants)

Magik Markers - Surf's Up (from 2020 LP on Drag City)

Lewsberg - Through the Garden (from In This House LP on 12XU)

Astute Palate - Treadin' Schuykill (from s/t LP on Petty Bunco)

The Velvet Underground - Ocean (from The Velvet Underground 2LP soundtrack)

Shirese - ULNA 4 (from Three Going on Four LP on C/Site Recordings)

Stefan Christensen - Wandering Gaze (from Cheap Things LP on World of Echo)

Mountain Movers - Final Sunset (from World What World LP on Trouble in Mind)

Headroom - Rubber Match (from 7" on Petty Bunco)

Kath Bloom with David Shapiro - Long Way To Go Home (title track from 7" on C/Site Recordings)

Parashi - Winding Song (from 7" lathe)

Tongue Depressor - Never Saw'm (from split LP Flashes on the Past Partitiion with Gateway on Working Man Lay Down)

Joseph Allred - The Five Flavoured Tea (from Inside the outside - Experimentations in American Primitive Guitar on Ramble Records)

Rob Noyes - Vout (from Arc Minutes LP on VDSQ)

Strapping Fieldhands - Across the Susquehanna (title track from LP on Petty Bunco)

The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else (from Boodle Boodle Boodle LP reissues on Merge)

Claypipe - Collector (from Sky Wells LP on C/Site Recordings)

Friday, December 31, 2021