Level 7's The God Hour

Level 7's The God Hour is a music program hosted by Level 7(Skribe Da God and Dj 2way)

The focus is to showcase the rich history of Hip Hop in accord with it's theology, philosophys, sciences and practices, more in particular it is to spot light contributions of a more enlightened sense. It's about Social Conciousness and Spiritual Hip Hop, wether from 5%, Kemet, Rastafarinism, Eastern Philosophy, Mysticism, Christ Conciousness and all the other ideologys that exist under the surface in all great Hip Hop. We choose to display this in relation to Real Hip Hop and True Hip Hop Culture. No matter what era of the culture, their are always God's Building within Hip Hop and Live Music Circles. This show is a representation of that vibe. Here to serve the comunity with the elevated frequency. GOD BLESS. HOTEP!