Made in Heaven

Music Show: gospel, reggae, urban afro and other soul stirring grooves

Past Episodes

  • Made in Heaven 119: Afro Grooves 6 Aired: Monday, August 20, 2018
    Eh! Ya ya
    Orchestre Sim-Sim
    N'Fa Nouwe
    Honore Avolonto et l'Orchestre Black Santiago
    Manu Dibango
    Heaven Help
    Rock of Ages
    Yokpo wa non kpo ha mi
    Assa-Cica et l'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou
    Sina Mosso
    Bembeya Jazz National
  • Made in Heaven 118: Almighty! - Psychedelic Africa Aired: Monday, August 13, 2018
    • 1The Message by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley
    • 2Kini Hewu / Living together / Disco party by Spirit Konekson
    • 3Almighty / Asin / Maybe yours by Spirit Konekson
    • 4Akoko ba by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley
  • Made in Heaven 117: A Handful of Singles 3 Aired: Monday, August 6, 2018
    • 1Regulation 15 by The Revolutioneers
    • 2Rain by The Norfleet Brothers
    • 3West bound train by Dennis Brown
    • 4Move up calypso by Linval Martin
    • 5Gbe dido we houn by El Rego et Ses Commandos
    • 6Tisha by Sir Victor Uwaifo and His Melody Maestros
    • 7Santa gui guyna by Orchestre OK Jazz
    • 8Somewhere around God's Throne by The Gospel Voices of Soul
    • 9Hamid-Koum by Les Prophetes Bourkimbi
    • 10Writing on the wall by Righteous Flames
    • 11Ital version by Upsetters
  • Made in Heaven 116: Rasta Monday 7 Aired: Monday, July 30, 2018
    • 1Bang dibo by Big Youth
    • 2Danger Rockers by The Revolutionaires
    • 3What them a do by The Black Roots
    • 4I man a grasshopper by Pablo Moses
    • 5No wicked shall enter the Kingdom by Barry Brown
    • 6Out of bondage by Harold Butler
    • 7Jah Fire by Hugh Mundell
    • 8False teachin' by Junior Murvin
  • Made in Heaven 115: Afro Grooves 5 Aired: Monday, July 23, 2018
    • 1Okwaadwe foo by Ashanti Brothers Band
    • 2What ever you do by Blessing Dokubo-Russell
    • 3Ego di nogwu Pt 2 by Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
    • 4Ebemam by Kabaka International Guitar Band
    • 5Diankha demal by Etoile De Dakar
    • 6Bithieloule by Salif Keita et Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux
    • 7A o ni ba won ja by Admiral Dele Abiodun and His Top Hitters Band
    • 8Sunny Ade gbe tuntun de by King Sunny Ade and His African Beats
    • 9Alhaji M.K.O. Abiola by Dr. Orlando Owoh and His African Kenneries International
  • Made in Heaven 114: Rare Gospel LPs 8 (Strictly Gospel 23) Aired: Monday, July 16, 2018
    • 1I've got Jesus by The Mighty Gospel Gladiators
    • 2Do nothing by Sensational Friendly Six
    • 3He's using me by The Morning Stars of Savannah GA
    • 4Leave the Devil alone by The Wondering Souls
    • 5Death is a policeman by The Traveling Six
    • 6He'll see you through by Archie Dale and The Tones Of Joy
    • 7I find no fault by Lloyd Cannady & the Flying Clouds
    • 8Keep me from sinning by The Spiritual Wings
    • 9Walking by my side by Gospel Seekers
    • 10Take a look at yourself by Liz Dargan and the Gospelettes
  • Made in Heaven 113- Soul Jazz On Prestige 2 Aired: Monday, July 9, 2018
    • 1Bean pie by Sonny Phillips
    • 2Miss Riverside by Sonny Stitt
    • 3I can't understand what I see in you by Harold Mabern
    • 4I'm all packed by Red Holloway
    • 5Renaissance by Trudy Pitts
    • 6Yesterday / Going out of my head by Pucho and The Latin Soul Brothers
    • 7Yellow days by Willis Jackson, Trudy Pitts & Wild Bill Jennings
    • 8633 knock by Willis Jackson Quintet
    • 9Psychedelic Pucho by Pucho and The Latin Soul Brothers
    • 10Turn it On! by Sonny Stitt
  • Made in Heaven 112: Dancing Time 3 - Urban Afro Groove Aired: Monday, July 2, 2018
    • 1Dancing time by The Funkees
    • 2Sonobete by Bob Pinodo
    • 3Slim Fit Maggie by Semi Colon
    • 4Stop what you're doing by Cloud 7
    • 5Life of a man by Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies
    • 6Trahison by M'Pongo Love
    • 7Kandevie by Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadies Band International
    • 8Super otete mpomamu by Atakora Manu
    • 9Ifura Logun Agba by Emperor Pick Peters and his Seidor System
    • 10Yaa Amponsah by Jewel Ackah
    • 11Mewo Road by A.B. Crentsil and the Super Sweet Talks Int
  • Made in Heaven 111: Rare Gospel LPs 7 (Strictly Gospel 22) Aired: Monday, June 25, 2018
    • 1You can't stop me now by The Marion Gaines Singers
    • 2I am running by The Swan Mellarks`of Chicago
    • 3Can't let you go Lord by The Holy Lights of Baltomore, MD
    • 4We are on our way to see the King by The Sunlighters of Griffin GA
    • 5If you've got Jesus by The Flying Clouds of S.C.
    • 6Guilty feeling by Spirits of Harmony
    • 7Lord I want to thank You by James Smith and the Southern Wonders
    • 8I'll go by The Norman Brothers
    • 9Mother loves her children by The Swan Mellarks`of Chicago
  • Made in Heaven 110: Rare Gospel LPs 6 (Strictly Gospel 21) Aired: Monday, June 18, 2018
    • 1Ever since by Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir
    • 2Pass it on by The Commanding Shepherds of Baltimore, MD
    • 3Come and go with me by The Inspirations
    • 4Troubling times by The Gospel Messengers
    • 5Give God the Glory by The Rocks of Harmony of New Orleans
    • 6Heaven by Gospel King Brothers
    • 7Be not dismayed by The Commanding Shepherds of Baltimore, MD
    • 8Something within me by Gospel Soulettes
    • 9All day by The Gill Singers
    • 10Get out on the floor by Gospel Expressions