Sharkey Spice's Top of the Pops

Sharkey Spice's Top of the Pops is a weekly indie focused pop and alternative music show curated by local pastel witch and pretentious Rochester party girl Erin Laura. Sharkey is a reference to Laurie Anderson's song "Sharkey's Day" and Spice is a reference to the Spice Girls. Top of the Pops combines the highbrow and lowbrow, the mainstream and the obscure to make only the hippest and most fashion-forward music according to one girl's entirely subjective opinion.

Erin will also discuss musical current events, brag about live shows she's seen, invite friends on to join the show from time-to-time and share plenty of silly memes from the realm of art pop twitter. The show does not exclusively feature women in music but heavily focuses on women and gender diverse artists. Erin posts about her upcoming shows and lots of other things about music on her Instagram: @ SharkeySpice in the stories feature.

Past Episodes