WAYO Adventure Hour: Ruby

The WAYO Adventure Hour is a showcase of radio dramas past and present. After finishing The Fourth Tower of Inverness, Moon Over MoroccoThe Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders, and the four-part Travels with Jack, we're moving on to the ZBs Foundation's Ruby: Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe. Produced in 1982, this was ZBS' first science fiction story, a cyberpunk take on the hardboiled detective genre. The first Ruby series consists of 6 half-hour episodes, and we'll air each episode twice - a repeat episode each Thursday at noon, followed by a new episode at 12:30.

March 4: Episodes 1 & 2
March 11: Episodes 2 & 3
March 18: Episodes 3 & 4
March 25: Episodes 4 & 5
April 1: Episodes 5 & 6 (Finale!)

Ruby and other ZBS radio serials can be downloaded from the ZBS Foundation website at https://www.zbs.org .