WAYO Adventure Hour: Moon Over Morocco

The WAYO Adventure Hour is a showcase of radio dramas past and present. After finishing The Fourth Tower of Inverness, we're moving on to the second in the ZBS Foundation's Jack Flanders series, Moon Over Morocco. Produced in 1974, ZBS was able to spend a month overseas on location in Tangiers recording authentic ambient sound and music for the new story. We're presenting Moon Over Morocco as 10 episodes, each an hour long.

June 11: Episode 1
June 18: Episode 2
June 25: Episode 3
July 2: Episode 4
July 9: Episode 5
July 16: Episode 6
July 23: Episode 7
July 30: (REBROADCAST) Episode 7
August 6: Episode 8
August 13: Episode 9
August 20: Episode 10 (Finale!)

Moon Over Morocco and other ZBS radio serials can be downloaded from the ZBS Foundation website at https://www.zbs.org .