An all ages hour of creative activities involving storytelling, interviews and collaboratively themed projects. Hosted by Ray Ray Mitrano. Sundays 10-11am EST monthly or more! Email wayoplay@wayofm.org with drawings made while listening or any other ideas.

Past Episodes

  • WAYO Play (Fast House Cash) Show 040 Aired: Sunday, January 27, 2019
    Part 1 of 3 shows exploring the growing "We Buy Houses Fast Cash" sign collection pulled-up and yanked-down by Joey Chaffee of Rochester, NY

    "Why do you want to buy houses so fast?" - asks Joe and Ray Ray as they call the numbers...

    Sign hunting dynamics and the practice of "flipping" homes; in a city previously disinvested by whites now looking to return from the suburbs, is questioned within how gentrification is defined, for who new "development" is for, and whome it historically displaces.

  • WAYO Play (Coloring) Show 039 Aired: Sunday, December 23, 2018
    This month, coloring is explored with a book that Rochester artist Casseophia Medlock designed for the station.

    See her work on Instagram @casseophiamedlock

    and a past book "Meet the Treehuggers", 2012: https://www.ebay.com/p/Meet-the-Treehuggers-by-Casseophia-Medlock-2012-Paperback-Large-Type/150695898

  • WAYO Play (Whiteness) Show 038 Aired: Sunday, November 25, 2018
    What is racial literacy? Are you white? Do you consider yourself racially literate?

    White accountability to systemic oppression is explored with WAYO show hosts Fred and Afro of Now's The Time ( Saturdays 3PM EST ) and Black Lives Matter 585

    Essay from Robin DiAngelo "White people are still raised to be racially illiterate. If we don't recognize the system, our inaction will uphold it." NBC News Think

    References from "Segregation and Redlining Rochester" presentation by Shane Wiegand ( City Roots Community Land Trust )

    Other resources:

  • WAYO Play (Counting) Show 037 Aired: Sunday, October 28, 2018
    We're counting to 2,019 amidst our fundraising for next year with WAYO show hosts and their sounds.

    xoxo Kameron Ackerman of Kryptic Pop Thrillz, Dan Gross of Zug Wildlife Survey, Daniel Kushner of You're So Post-Post Rock Right Now, Chris Young of Are Friends Electric? , Becky Riedman of Sad Sleepy Slackers, and Michael Reiss of Live from the Beechnut Warehouse.


  • WAYO Play (Other Side) Show 036 Aired: Sunday, September 30, 2018
    Writing while listening to Jalopy Records Tape Series: Everybody Has Their Troubles, I Have My Troubles Too, compiled by Nathan Salsburg and produced by Eli Smith; read in between cassette side flips.

    Part of WAYO FM Rochester, NY. Sundays 10-11am EST monthly or more. Send any drawings, writings or thoughts from listening to wayoplay@wayofm.org

    More Jalopy Records: https://jalopyrecords.bandcamp.com/

  • WAYO Play (Downtown Meeting) Show 035 Aired: Sunday, September 2, 2018
    New to the City of Rochester, Millaray leads a downtown walk in search for a meeting.

    Part of WAYO FM Rochester, NY. Sundays 10-11am EST monthly or more. Send any drawings, writings or thoughts from listening to wayoplay@wayofm.org

  • WAYO Play (Comics in Class) Show 034 Aired: Sunday, June 10, 2018
    Students from Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts share their comic making process. Facilitated by Arts Integration teacher Tom Lake in Greece, NY

    More info at http://renacad.org/

    Part of WAYO FM Rochester, NY. Sundays 10-11am EST monthly or more. Send any drawings, writings or thoughts from listening to wayoplay@wayofm.org

  • WAYO Play (Tours) Show 033 Aired: Sunday, April 15, 2018
    This month, Ray Ray interviews some of Rochester's youth in tours of their neighborhood, spaces and experience.

    A walk around a South Wedge block with a School 23 student. A bike ride on the El Camino Trail with Rochester's "youngest journalist". Potluck in a Beechwood house!

    Know any kids in the city who want to talk and walk for a future radio touring? Email wayoplay@wayofm.org to set-up a field recording..::::

  • WAYO Play (Art Work) Show 032 Aired: Sunday, March 18, 2018
    Are you an Art Worker? Let's explore the history of artist unions. What is the value of workers associating? How does it affect the "work".

    Live in studio with Rochester based musician Gary Crocker accompanying readings from Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics.

    Read, download, and share more from the 2009 newspaper compilation from Temporary Services at http://www.artandwork.us/

  • WAYO Play (Language of Light) Show 031, Part 2 Aired: Sunday, February 18, 2018
    This month, Ray Ray Mitrano and WAYO Play go LIVE from the George Eastman Museum with Playing in Color; an all-ages art activity in the Project Gallery amidst the exhibition Dreaming in Color: The Davide Turconi Collection of Early Cinema.

    In this special second hour, WAYO FM show host Matt Shakelford of Juxtaposed Soliloquies Elaborated joins to write and speak poetry surrounded by the slideshows of early cinema stills, splices, decomposition, and magic.