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Reenah L. Golden is an award-winning writer, actress, poet, activist and educator. For over 15 years Reenah has been using the power of Stage and Spoken Word publicly to affect social and political change and create new ways of thinking. An RIT graduate and native of Rochester, NY, Reenah is co-founder of Kuumba Consultants, an arts-in-education agency dedicated to matching artists-of-color with youth agencies and schools seeking quality arts & cultural programming. She teaches and guest lectures regularly at local schools, colleges, universities and cultural institutions and has been invited to perform and present nationally and internationally. Her newest work, Black Coffee; the Poets’ cafe currently tours as a live studio audience workshop having received rave reviews for it’s innovative marriage of art, history, improvisation and audience interaction. When Reenah is not collaborating with other artists, globe-trotting or cyber-surfing she resides in Rochester’s 19th ward.

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