Woody Battaglia

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Woody Battaglia is a stand-up comedian, comedy producer and broadcaster. He was born and raised near Rochester, and has lived in the city proper for the last 15 years. Woody became a comedy fan in the 1990s ‘alternative’ era and as such his early comedy heroes included Janeane Garofalo, Dana Gould, and David Cross. Woody has performed all across New York state, including the first and second annual Binghamton Comedy and Arts Festivals, the Rochester Fringe Festival, and has worked with national touring acts such as Brandie Posey and Kevin Meaney. For two years Woody has hosted a showcase of local comedy talent each Tuesday night at The Firehouse Saloon, Backdraft II: Laughdraft, and now he also hosts Almost Tuesday each Monday night from 9 to 11pm. He does not enjoy camping.