Almost Tuesday

From comedians Woody Battaglia, Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield, Almost Tuesday is a comedy and music variety show featuring interviews with artists of all sorts, written and improvised comedy performance, live musical performances, weird characters, experimental audio segments, and thematic threads that listeners can choose to pick up. Almost Tuesday provides Rochester with a snapshot of what's happening in the twin scenes of music and comedy, finding the places where they overlap, and giving opportunities to comedy writers, musicians and improvisers to broadcast their talents to the WAYO listenership. Each week there is a plan for the show, and each week that plan is derailed in the best possible way by whatever is happening in the moment. All of the best things about Almost Tuesday are contained in the ways that the performers confound our expectations in favor of something hilarious and beautiful from a previously undiscovered planet. Almost Tuesday is Written and Produced by Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield, Irene Kannyo, Nicole Oliver, Chris Thompson and Woody Battaglia. Woody Battaglia is your host. All of our previous shows can be found archived here:

Past Episodes

  • Who Woke When? Episode 46: With The Dwayne Johnsons, Chris Thompson, Andrea Springer Brian Leonard and Braden Stewart Aired: Monday, October 24, 2016

    On this night we asked the question, 'Who woke up the earliest?' It was the silliest question we could think of, but it got people calling the station, including fellow WAYO programmer Gretchen and some squash soup aficionados. Woody started what he hopes is an inter-neighborhood rivalry between listeners, and The Dwayne Johnsons returned with two live songs! Also Chris Thompson gives us a light dusting of The Chronicles of Nonsense and Andrea Springer tells of of a nightmare involving a founding father.

  • An Alternative to Real Medicine: Episode 45 from October 17th 2016 Aired: Monday, October 17, 2016

    Woody's not feeling well and there is no alternative to medical care that's as much fun as calling up author and comedian Lucas Gardner to stay on the line for the entire program, which features a call from Lucas' Goo House alum and comedian Jon Schuta, an unexpected visit from two national political figures, a live massage demonstration on a scale never seen before, and Zach Slavny fills in for Chris Thompson on a very trippy Chronicles of nonsense!

  • World's Worst SAT Review Class: Episode 44 with Ben Morey & The Eyes, Madelein Smith, Steve Wrigley, Chris Thompson, Andrea Springer and Katie Mueller Aired: Monday, October 10, 2016

    We try and fail at educational programming on this installment of the program. A scientist debuts her new testing on unlikely subjects, one of our favorite comedy guests Madelein Smith stops in to chat comedy and help Woody wrangle the irrepressible New Zealand native and comedian Steve Wrigley who calls in from the wilds of the Southern Tier, and Chris Thompson gives us a Chronicles of Nonsense befitting the most controversial fall holiday!

  • Almost Tuesday #43 We Need a Mascot! with Jesse Winterhalter, Dan McArdle, and Brock Saltsman Aired: Monday, October 3, 2016

    Join us for a quest to discover the new Almost Tuesday mascot (spoiler, we fail)! Buffalo comedians Jesse Winterhalter and Dan McArdle stop by to talk comedy and self loathing. Chris Thompson returns with his weekly commentary 'The Chronicles of Nonsense.' Sketches this week are by Brian Leonard, Andrea Springer, and Braden Stewart featuring performances by Kara Maillie, Zach Slavny, Malcolm Whitfield, and your host. Also two gorgeous live songs by Brock Saltsman! Our show is live engineered and produced by Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield and is hosted by Woody Battaglia.

  • Moon Landing: Real or Fake? with Kyle Baker, Braden Stewart, Brian Leonard and Tart Vandelay: Episode 42 from September 26th 2016 Aired: Monday, September 26, 2016

    This week, the crew tries (and mostly fails) to get at the heart of the conspiracy: Moon Landing--Real or Fake? Chuck Engleberger, Almost Tuesday's biggest (and most disconcerting) fan calls in, and Dr. Feelsready chimes in to the debate to offer expertise and shameless self promotion. Molgy Spourdough calls in from the MOON to tell Woody about what's goin on in the lunar realm, and Andrea Springer and Producer Kara Maillie put in their two incoherent cents.

  • Almost Tuesday #41 Braden Stewart's Evil Plan to Take Over Almost Tuesday with Andrea Springer and Seth Faergolzia Aired: Monday, September 19, 2016

    This week on Almost Tuesday, Braden Stewart is back with a vengeance. Braden stages a coup and Woody spends the episode tied to a chair. With Braden at the helm, producers Malcolm Whitfield and Kara Maillie are at a loss. Brian Leonard moonlights as a Scandinavian psychologist to help the newly freed Andrea work through her experiences of traumatic bonding with her "best friend" and captor.

  • Almost Tuesday #40 with Nathan Rabin, Buffalo Sex Change, Chris Thompson and Krish Mohan Aired: Monday, September 12, 2016

    This episode of Almost Tuesday is pure magic. Author Nathan Rabin calls in to tell Woody about his new book 7 Days In Ohio: Trump, The Gathering Of The Juggalos And The Summer Everything Went Insane, Comedian Krish Mohan calls to talk about his new hour of comedy, and Buffalo Sex Change plays two live songs in the WAYO performance space! Plus Chris Thompson is working on a new elixir that he debuts during The Chronicals of Nonsense, JJ from Mixed Messages Radio and Zach Slavny stop by for the Grab Bag and we finally hear what happened to Braden and Andrea (sort of).

  • The Very Best of Almost Tuesday Volume 2 Aired: Monday, September 5, 2016

    Our second best-of, featuring comedians Jon Laurin, Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield, Andrea Springer, Braden Stewart, Dan Maslyn, Zach Slavny, Brian Leonard, Chris Thompson, Megan Sassenhausen and Patty Farneth from Map to the Tsars, and WAYO station manager Mike Yates. Our live music guests: Passive Aggressives Anonymous, Moon Flat Miner, Katie Preston and Cammy Enaharo from Pleistocene, and Rosehip.

  • Almost Tuesday #39 with Braden Stewart, Andrea Springer, Chris Coon, Chris Thompson, Brian Leonard, Zach Slavny, Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield Aired: Monday, August 29, 2016

    Stack up those quarters and get ready for Almost Tuesday! A weird dark thing happens on our show this week, as the weird hate triangle between Almost Tuesday, Braden Stewart and Andrea Springer reaches its boiling point. Also Musical guest Chris Coon plays two live tunes on the WAYO piWAYnO in our live performance space, Chris Thompson brings us The Chronicles of Nonsense, Chorkie Chaster comes from Europe to talk family entertainment and arcade champ and author Vinctor Lee talks about his rise to greatness! Also Victoria Fombelle stops by for the grab bag!

  • Almost Tuesday #38 With Bob Holzwarth, Members of Pleistocene, Chris Thompson, Brian Leonard and Andrea Springer Aired: Monday, August 22, 2016

    Alright kids, sit in your spot on the story carpet and listen to Mr. Battaglia! Tonight's episode features local comedian and comedy teacher Bob Holzworth, who chats about his 12 years in the ever-changing Rochester scene. Producers Malcolm Whitfield (DJ Green Bean Casserole) and Kara Maillie press all the buttons, Cammy Enaharo and Katie Preston from Pleistocene delight our ear drums with two live songs in the WAYO Performance Space, and Brian Leonard forces us to listen to some IMPORTANT INFO.