Rerun: Malcolm Whitfield!

I know, I know.... I was supposed to call this episode "Episode 224: Ross Has a Tiny Tiny Bladder." But we almost always name shows with guests after the guests! Because I'm lazy and it totally works! So--needless to say, this is a fun fun one today because we are joined in the studio by the one and only Malcolm Whitfield (, if he's remembered to pay SquareSpace after all)! We're talking about what Malcolm's been up to and some personality stuff and we're refuting some of the anti-trans nonsense spouted by a certain Milo, no not the cat from Milo and Otis (Milo was the cat, right? I swear, I saw the movie but it's been a long time). Plus---a caller!!! We have it all on this week's Sound of Tomorrow.

Music today from Visionstain with "Wall O' Worry."

Wednesday, May 26, 2021