Turn Up for Community Radio!

TURN UP FOR COMMUNITY RADIO - literally! Help WAYO's voice go farther in our community! The FCC is considering a proposal called "Simple 250" which would allow low-power FM stations like WAYO to apply for a power increase up to 250 watts (from 100 watts).

This could be HUGE for WAYO and other low-power community stations in town (like our friends 100.9 WXIR and Poder971) and across the country!

We need listeners like YOU to tell the FCC how much stations like WAYO mean to you! Tell them how the increased power would allow you to hear our station more clearly, like on the west side of the city (where we have coverage issues), in your house, or on your boombox!

Please consider filing a comment in support of this proposal! Just visit https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express, put in proceeding RM-11909, and fill out the rest of the form to file your comments in support of this power increase! Feel free to reach out via DM or at info@wayofm.org if you need help filing.

Let's turn up the power of community radio in Rochester!!!