Numbers - Episode 276 - 2021-05-12

Rambutan and Parashi - The Oaken Towel (from Half Seas Over)

Tashi Dorji - Out, Out Brief Candle (from Go Then, Fearless One!)

Moshi - Eel Eel (from NOS 1998)

Don Cherry - Ganesh (from forthcoming 2LP Organic Music Theatre on Blank Forms)

M.Mucci - Quando non vede la luce di giorno (not a collab! split LP on Tall House Recordings)

Jon Collin - Nioorts Nocturne 5

Center - Eywon (from Contour Process cassette on Regional Bears)

Center - Duchess

Kohoutek - Cosmic Grease (from Jurad LP on Feeding Tube) - Scott Verrastro (percussion, flute), Craig Garrett (bass), Scott Allison (electronics). . Scott is in Curanderos with Gibbons brothers, 

The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Navy Cut Blues (from Stellar Remnant LP on Feeding Tube)

LSD March - Moeru Pyramid (from Constellation Of Tragedy CD on Important)

Patrick Shiorishi - Straying Human (from split cassette with Luke Stewart)

Matthew J. Rolin - Hallucinations (from 2LP The Dreaming Bridge on Feeding Tube)

Chris Forsyth and The Solar Motel Band - Dreaming in the Non-Dream (from Rare Dreams Solar Live 2.27.18 on Algorithm Free)

Bardo Pond - Shadow Puppet 

Friday, May 14, 2021