Art and Archive

Sound compositions, art performances, and audio found in attics, basements, thrift stores and archives.

Past Episodes

  • Art & Archive Aired: Sunday, February 14, 2016

    This episode begins with a lot of announcements that you can't hear because I didn't have my headphones on....
    Eric Satie - Vexations, John Cage/David Tudor - Variations IV, Matt Wellins - Smile on Your Brother, Michael Johnsen - Snowy Egress, Storytime with 2XL 8 tracks, Howard Finster - Worms, Loud Sue - Lao Tzu, Twink - Fluid, 2016 Democratic debates, 2XL, Loud Sue - Goat in a Coat, Howard Finster - I'll be satisfied, Vittorio Gelmetti, the tape my 7th grade boyfriend made for me.

  • Art & Archive, episode 2 Aired: Sunday, January 24, 2016

    Art & Archive, episode 2. Includes songs by Nico, Nina Hagen, Space Lady, CAN, John Cale, and readings by John Cage and Tate Shaw. Other sounds include audio found in the Moving Image Collection at Visual Studies Workshop.

  • Art & Archive, Episode 1 Aired: Sunday, January 10, 2016

    Air date January 9, 2016
    Episode 1 includes found and recorded magnetic audio from a variety of sources, including:
    Individualisation in Education (casette), Interview with SNCC Chairmain H. Rapp Brown in 1968 (open reel 1/4" audio), testimonials from women who had illegal abortions (16mm magnetic sound), mom reading A Story About Ping (casette), Wine Song by Robbie Basho, Rusty Warren sings (8 track).