Decades and Maybe I'm Wrong - 2020-01-07

Duke Ellington    -    Jeep's Blues
Ornette Coleman    -    Women of the Vail
Francoise Mache    -    Eridan
Miles Davis    -    Nuit sur le Champes-Elysses
Schoenberg    -    Pierrot Lunaire
Paul Bley    -    And Now the Queen
Takashi Yoshimatsu    -    Threnody to Toki
John Coltrane    -    I Want to Talk About You
Gay Beast    -    untitled
David Liebe Hart    -    The Omegans are from Star Caladan
ARE THEY YES THEY ARE    -    SIlverbox
DNA    -    Shrinking THing
Birthday Party    -    untiled
Spit Pope    -    MIsery
King Blood    -    Well, Well, Well
Wretched Worst    -    Horned Head
Ian Downey    -    Cello

Tuesday, January 7, 2020