The Audio Tourist: January 13, 2019 - Quebec City, part 1

After visiting in real life, I explore the music of Quebec City in this episode, playing a variety of great electronic, indie, hip-hop, and ambient.

Wolves As Kings x XolloX - Brume
Modlee - Queendom
Millimetrik - La Sonate De L’Homme Bon
Caravane - Casablanca
Pascale Picard - No War At All
Le St-Jean-Baptiste Country Club - Ker Plunk
Recyclage - Jour-Soir-Nuite
Maldito - Computer Blood
Maldito - Sex.Violence.Girls.Paint
Maldito - Nothing Colder Than Cold Itself
Fria Moeras - Le vent souffle malade
Samuel Wagner - Le Cratere du Desespoir
Goux - Holorie
Wolves As Kings x XolloX - Future Pop
Caravane - Sandra
Maldito - The Pain Will Never End
Fog Lake - Sister Shatters (Goux Remix)

Sunday, January 13, 2019