Numbers - Episode 365 - 2023-01-20

Bardo Pond - Heaven (from Volume 2 LP on Fire)

Heldon - Circulus Vitiosus (from Electronique Guerilla LP reissue on Bureau B)

Daniel Bachman - 540 Supercell (from Almanac Behind LP on Three Lobed)

David Nance Group - Meanwhile (from 7" on Third Man)

Donkey Flybye, James Dewey, Eric Zann - JBE (from The Blorp Esette Gazette Vol 3 and 4 2CD on Gilgongo Records)

Armpit - C*ck Too Big For His Pants (from the Root Don Lonie For Cash comp CDR, from original lathe cuts)

Kaoru Abe No Future - Turtles Song (from 'Steps cassette on Infant Tree)

Rein Sanction - F Train (from Broc's Cabin LP on Sub Pop)

Screaming Trees - Black Sun Morning (from Buzz Factory LP on SST)

Screaming Trees - Barriers (from Other Worlds LP on SST)

Screaming Trees - Night Comes Creeping In (from Invisible Lantern LP on SST)

Delivery Health - November 2nd 2012 Part II (from SuperDeluxe! 2LP on Holiday Records, feat. Giovanni Di Domenico, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, and Jim O'Rourke)

Jeff Parker - Slight Freedom (title track from LP on Eremite. reissue from 2016)

Franciska - Gature I Vinteren (from Tryghed LP on Discreet)

Jon Collin - The Singing Waterfall (from Bridge Variations on Discreet)

Hijokaidan - Creative Dojo (from Zouroku's Strange Disease LP reissue on Urashima, but maybe entitled is Road To 2nd Damascus)

Masahiko Togashi - Words of Wind Part 1 (from Session in Paris Vol One - Song in Soil LP on We Want Sounds) 

Pharoah Sanders - Izipho Zam (title track from LP on Strata East)

Friday, January 20, 2023