Numbers - Episode 367 - 2023-02-03

Gate - Needed All The Words (from Dewline 2LP reissue on Mie)

Greymouth - White Bucket (from Twilight Furl 7" on Kashual Plastik)

Kawabata Makoto - Dos Nurages (from Astro Love and Infinite Kisses on VHF)

Light - Trailer (from Turning CD on Wulitzer Jukebox, Bristol UK scene, FSA, Movietone, Crescent, etc)

Sandoz Lab Technicians - Liquid Constant (from Plastic Carved Out In The Shape Of The Music 2CD on Fordamning Archiv)

Kaoru Abe - 1972.1.21 Alto 2 (from Solo.1972.1.21 CD on PSF)

Stefan Christensen - 85 Days (from lathe cut 7" on What Lies Beneath)

Hypnotic Sleep - Schnäi in en Braukwischen (from split 7" with The Fulmers on Kashual Plastik)

The Cosmic Jokers - Im Reich Der Magier (from the Sci Fi Party LP reissue on Breeze Music)

Embrujo - Coree A Los Campos (from s/t LP reissue on Survival Research)

Equipment Pointed Ankh - Rubber Slacks (from From Inside The House LP on Bruit Direct Disques)

Alan Licht and Michael Snow - Untitled (from the No99 5CD set on Entartete Kunst Recordings)

Tomoyuki Aoki and Harutaka Mochizuki - A Lesson In Jumping (part II) (from s/t LP on Nashazphone)

Danny Arakaki - Navigators (from the Tumble in Shade LP on Husky Pants)

The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs (from Unripened LP)

Donald Miller, Ohno, Don Dietrich - Untitled (from the No99 5CD set on Entartete Kunst Recordings)

Gilles Zeitschiff - Lord Krishna (from Sternenmadchen LP reissue on Breeze Music)

Friday, February 3, 2023