Uploading Mixed Messages Radio Episode 169 - Spoken Word Poetry & Joey Gets Lost

On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, Joey & Jj find a mysterious drum in the center of the studio - so what do they do with it? SLAM POETRY WITH KORN LYRICS (honestly, what did you expect?) Also as it turns out, Joey is excellent at the mysterious drum (has he secretly been taking lessons on this secret drum?) ALSO they discuss why they've suddenly become Raiders fans, and how those outfit choices are shaping their new loves in California. Lastly, Joey tells the story of how he tried to find JJ in a four story building, only to find out she was in a different building! All that plus tunes from Jimmy Eat World, KONGOS, Q Lazzarus, Lola Ray, Jackal, and Queens of the Stone age

Monday, February 4, 2019