Episode 326: Smooch Smooch Horsie Sauce

It's Valentine's Day Eve and our hearts are warm but our fingers are icy.... because Rochester, NY is covered in ice. Sigh. BUT! That doesn't stop us from zipping through topics at a breakneck speed! We got period emojis! We got the last words of the Opportunity Rover and then we cry just a little bit again about it because we've already cried about it today! We got some Hot Picks! We're late on the middle break but it's "Sing You a Love You Song" by of Montreal and then we're back for... well, yeah, you know we can't just be lighthearted... we're talking about blackface and slavery myths right until we pretty much lose ever last ounce of energy in last five minutes. Happy Valentine's Day, International Crab Cakes! And remember: My battery is low and it's getting dark. <3


Wednesday, February 13, 2019