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Show Name Type of Show Genre Host(s) Lengthsort ascending Timeslot
Show of Prague Music Prog Rock Oldrich Prazak 1 hour
The Eff'd Files Talk Eden O'Malley 1 hour
500 Gigabytes Music Adrienne Pettinelli, Jason Poole 1 hour
Sea of Sound Music Shoegaze Joe Targia, Becky Frantz 1 hour
Mixed Messages Radio Music, Talk Freeform JJ 1 hour Sat, 12/03/2022 - 1:00pm
Call and Response Music Call and Response Alyssa Ibarra 1 hour
The Dean's List Music Freeform Dean Frohm 1 hour
Singing Music Jed Metzger 1 hour
Krah Music 1 hour
Strangeways Radio Music Louis Chavez 1 hour
Zug Island Sound Music Techno / House Dan Gross 1 hour
Afternoon Brother Other 1 hour
Half Awake Music Freeform DJ Sal Ami 1 hour
The Bonfire Talks Talk Brandi Starks, Meeka Mason 1 hour
New Muse Music Alyssa Rodriguez 1 hour
The ClipBoard Music Freeform Gretchen Arnold 1 hour Mon, 12/05/2022 - 12:00pm
WAYO Wayback Hour Music Oldies Alex Northrup 1 hour
SE/EA Beats Music Lauren Alberque 1 hour
Sound Test Music Freeform Samuel Fuentes 1 hour Fri, 12/02/2022 - 10:00pm
Hi-Fi Heaven Music Freeform Hi-Fi Wiley Pete 1 hour
The Muse Report Talk 1 hour
Ramble On Comedy Malcolm Whitfield, Zach Slavny, Andrea Springer 1 hour
Now's The Time Talk Frederick Douglass 1 hour
Made in Heaven Music DJ Orthobeat 1 hour
Just the Claps Music Luke Shaw 1 hour