Ridiculous Radio Show Feb. 24, 2021

Today's Playlist: Cheech and Chong - R. Zimmerman
Negativland - Rooty Poops
Dick Dale - Scalped
John Cale - Mercenaries (Ready for War)
Ace Frehley - Snow Blind
Black Sabbath - Snowblind
Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me
Monty Python - Sit on my Face
Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock 'N Roll
Henry Rollins - "We"
New York Dolls - Frankenstein
Syl Sylvain - I'm So Sorry
Buster Johansen - The Worst Beer I Ever Had
NY Dolls - Plenty of Music
Millennial Job Interview
The Bags - Pile of Money
Negativland - Mounting the Puppy
Ace Frehley - Fractured Mirror
The Sword - Reprise
Katie Webster - Pussycat Moan
Dave Rudbarg - Four Phrases
Dr. John - Ki Ya Gris Gris
Koko Taylor - That's Why I'm Crying
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)
Motörhead - Go To Hell
PJ Harvey - Meet Ze Monsta
Monty Python - I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio
Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxy 500
Keith Richards - 999

Wednesday, February 24, 2021