The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 2/28/2018

here's this week's ep of The One God Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour. really happy with how this one turned out. largely cohesive and dully warm in the head (except i played Cheap Trick at the end because it rocks).
this will be a good listen. tune in. lots of new stuff, some very familiar stuff - all things you want to hear, though.
Boards of Canada - Wildlife Analysis
Supercrush - Brutal Honesty
Hazel English - Love Is Dead
Modern Charms - Epsilon
Nothing - Dig
Peaer - Sick
(Sandy) Alex G - Come Back
Duster - Earth Moon Transit
Duster - Heading For The Door
Quasi - Ape Prevails In Me Still
Hallelujah the Hills - I'm in the Phonebook, I'm on the Planet, I'm Dying Slowly
Yucky Duster - Thaw
Cheap Trick - Downed
Wednesday, February 28, 2018