Episode 225: Conditioning

That's right, Space Cadets, Ross Johnson, Your Favorite Co-Host, and Heather Zajkowski, The Babe with the Power are back in the WAYO studios for another exciting episode of the Sound of Tomorrow! They're talking about things they should have given CWs and TWs for but didn't! Because they're jerks! CW: TW: On a more serious note, we're talking a bit about how women are socialized and conditioned in society and how this conditioning can have negative, hurtful, and sometimes confusing results in the aftermath of a trauma or even in everyday life. Act 2 kicks off with a listicle of phrases you might say that you don't even know are racist and we tie it all up with a brief discussion of ADHD diagnosis innovation and some weird and creepy innuendo. Now you've just got to tune in, right? That's right. You do.

Music today from The Cleaners From Venus with "All the Lights in this House Burn for you."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017